Bosom CD Cover

Electro/garage/punk trio Bosom have been delivering their special brand of awesome to inner west venues (The Excelsior Hotel , The Annandale Hotel, The Landsdowne hotel, Sosueme & The Red Rattler) for the past three years.

With influences including X Ray Spex, the Ramones, New York Dolls, Devo, Blondie and Transvision Vamp, Bosoms infectious tunes, delivered like a piece of bubble gum snapping in your face, have consistently pleased a steadily growing fan base.

Live drums by Arch compliment his electro melodies whilst Rocky and his guitar lines bring the rock. Wiz's vocals go from ramones style punk to vampish suggestion as she belts out the lyrics that would not be out of place in a John Waters film.

A Bosom live show is a mash of spikey electro/driving garage/punk which usually results in dancing, drinking and the occasional firecracker lobbed at the stage.

The band recently launched their self titled CD which features many of the hits the punters have been enjoying at Bosom gigs.

The nine track album is an entertaining collection of tunes about stealing boyfriends, partying, school massacres, girl fights in public bathrooms and frying Chihuahuas. A heady mix of trashy lust, hate and everything that falls in between.

Debut CD Available Now!

9 Tracks of pure Bosom delivered to your door.

$15 (plus postage and handling)

Tracks include:
Piece Of You
Fried Chihuahua
Dirty Lips
Turkey Slap
Coke Machine
Suicide Bomb My Heart
Happy Birthday

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